WordPress Front-end Editor Preview

WordPress Front-End Editor Preview

One of the most requested features for any Content Management System (CMS) is finally making its way into WordPress core, front-end editing. In simplest terms, this will give users the ability to edit post and page content within the front-end of the site instead of the WordPress dashboard. This feature would allow theme developers to more seamlessly integrate styling into the editor so users get a real-world preview of their content edits.

Now in its early stages, the plugin already includes formatting using TinyMCE 4. TinyMCE is the software which gives users Microsoft Word like control of style, alignment and font weight. Other features, such as media upload, tagging and CSS classes, are quickly evolving.

WordPress Front-end Editor Preview

Southern Web Group will be following this development along with other features slated for WordPress 3.8.

October 15, 2013

About Ricky Lee Whittemore

Ricky Lee is a front-end developer for Southern Web Group, where he focuses on adapting designs to code while creating an interactive user experience using HTML5, CSS and jQuery. He earned his bachelor’s degree in management information systems from Auburn University, where he quickly uncovered a passion for web design, development and especially eCommerce. He believes that code is poetry and he is constantly learning as much as possible to make every line of code he writes more intuitive and polished than the last.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Front-End Editor Preview

  1. Thanks for the preview.

    > *the plugin* already includes formatting using TinyMCE 4
    Will the plugin be released to the public somehow? Through the repo? When? Thanks.

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