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WordCamp San Francisco in Review

WordCamp San Francisco exceeded our expectations! From the invaluable takeaways from conference sessions to networking, team building and enjoying the sights of a great city, we all returned refreshed and ready to implement bigger, better things within our clients’ sites.

What we learned …

From better front-end user experience to deploying our code via version control, WCSF offered Southern Web Group insights into the best practices of other individuals and agencies from around the country.

Engaging with other WordPress developers proved to be a great learning experience for our entire team. From instruction on how to write leaner, faster code to communicating more effectively with our clients and users, we were given access to an open forum to cultivate knowledge from experts and quasi-celebrities throughout the WordPress community.

With the keystone of the WordPress ecosystem being themes, there were numerous sessions focusing on best practices for HTML5 & CSS3 Markup, post formats, navigation, along with more effective ways to communicate with APIs allowing us to build upon default post/page functionality. Themes are not only an effective route to express your design aesthetic – they must be built semantically for your site to be effectively read by search engines using syntax.

One of the tools we are most excited about is deemed a ‘social network in a box’, BuddyPress, which will allow us to create captivating communities through user profiles, groups, forums, activity streams and even private messaging is something our entire team is eager to explore. While BuddyPress may not be ideal for your project, it will allow us to build upon the core user/roles functionality of WordPress, which many clients will find valuable.

Everyone at SWG agrees: the best session at WCSF was the Agency Roundtable where we learned what other tools and services the leading agencies across the country utilize in their workflow. One of the best ways to improve your approach and process is to learn about the advantages and pitfalls of others’ systems, and this was a great, laid back atmosphere in which to do this.

Overall, WCSF was a great success and our team is looking forward to many more conferences together.

August 5, 2013

About Drew Barton

Drew manages the team, leads business development activities and sets the overall vision of the company. A graduate of Emory University, he spent three years working at before founding Southern Web in 2004. Drew is an Eagle Scout, an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and a recipient of the International Association of Business Communicators’ Silver Flame Award for an article he wrote about boosting website traffic. On a mission to put his entrepreneurial acumen to good use, he’s currently writing a book for small business owners who are navigating the challenges of website development projects. In his spare time, he enjoys learning Spanish and investing in real estate.

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