Site Launch Spotlight: Platinum Remodeling & Stucco

There’s no better way to kick off the launch of a new business than with a gorgeous website — just ask the team at Platinum Remodeling & Stucco. This Metro Atlanta-based team of home improvement technicians wanted an easy-to-update website that could showcase their projects and videos, prominently advertise their mentions on review sites, as well as provide an extensive FAQ resource for potential clients. With such a sleek digital presence to support their growing business, we’re excited to see where it takes them!

Client’s Name: Platinum Remodeling & Stucco
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Services Provided: Custom WordPress Theme, Web Hosting
Website Link:

March 1, 2017

About Jeremiah Bratton

Jeremiah is a WordPress Developer for Southern Web. Formerly a Senior Developer at Georgia Public Broadcasting, Jeremiah’s passion for design and development shine. He holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Animation and Motion Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. In his spare time, Jeremiah hosts a website and podcast dedicated to his love of gaming.

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