Why It Pays to Work With a Google Partner Agency

Managing an online paid advertising campaign through Google AdWords is no small task. From developing keyword strategies and making advertising budget decisions to analyzing results to ensure you’re receiving your return on investment, making sure a campaign runs smoothly takes quite a bit of time and labor. And that doesn’t even include all the time it takes to learn how to use Google AdWords in the first place.

Since business owners can only divide up their time so much, it’s common to outsource the labor of setting up and managing a Google AdWords campaign. Of course, you can’t hire just anyone. Any advertising agency or digital marketing consultant tasked with running your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns should be certified as a Google Partner.

What is a Google Partner?

The Google Partners program was created to provide a baseline of expertise for advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals using AdWords on behalf of clients.

To become a Google Partner, an agency must meet certain criteria. As Google explains, “achieving Partner status means that [a] company has demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met Google ad spend requirements, delivered company agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown its client base.”

Google Partner badge
This badge indicates you’re working with a certified Google Partner.

Once an agency meets all these requirements, they earn the coveted Google Partner badge and gain access to exclusive resources that can help further cultivate their expertise and list of specializations.

So what really sets apart a Google Partner Agency from uncertified AdWords users? Here are several reasons why it pays to work with a Google Partner:

Your account is being handled by certified AdWords professionals.

When you work with a Google Partner Agency, you’re working with a team of people who have earned professional certifications in Google AdWords. This means they can confidently leverage the features and tools offered by

Your campaigns stay up to date with the latest PPC best practices.

For an agency to remain a Google Partner, members of their team must keep their fingers on the pulse of AdWords innovations in order to maintain their certifications. This means that whenever there are major changes to the way AdWords works — from minor interface tweaks to large shifts in best practices — a Google Partner will be among the first to ride that wave.

You have access to innovative beta features.

One of the perks of being a Google Partner is that you can opt into beta testing of new features and tools. These beta features are typically tested for several months to a year before being released to all AdWords users, which gives a leg up to the clients of a Google Partner Agency.

You save time and money.

Maintaining an advertising campaign while also running your regular business is a serious challenge. That’s why, above all, the major benefit of working with a Google Partner Agency is that you can rest easy knowing that your paid search advertising budget is in capable hands.

It’s time to get serious about paid advertising.

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