Southern Web Founder Launches New Book

We’re excited to announce the release of “The Buyer’s Guide to Websites,” the debut book of Drew Barton.

The Buyer's Guide to Websites

As founder and president of Southern Web, Barton has overseen thousands of successful web projects, but he has also observed countless instances of malpractice within the website development industry.

“The Buyer’s Guide to Websites” was written to empower business owners with all the knowledge required to make smart web development project decisions.

Armed with this comprehensive resource, readers will learn how to choose a digital agency, protect their legal interests, draw up a website budget, avoid scope creep, and so much more.

“The Internet is brimming with scammers,” Barton explains, “but when you are armed with the right knowledge, you’ll discover that it’s also home to ripe opportunities for your business to grow.”

It’s time to ask the right questions, make the right decisions, and create a website that enhances and multiples your business prospects.

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