Meet the Team: Megan Crum, Project Manager

At Southern Web, our project managers are the glue that holds our projects together. They manage client expectations, map out project timelines, and guide our developers, designers, and content team to meet goals.

In the latest installment of our “Meet the Team” interview series,, we introduce you to one of our talented project managers, Megan Crum. In sharing her experiences as a project manager, she explains what makes a great agency/client relationship and offers a few words of advice for newer project managers.

As a Project Manager, what do you do at Southern Web?

I work with clients directly to help them understand the timelines, the phases, and expectations of their project. I’m essentially the bridge between the client and our team’s developers, designer, and copywriters. I make sure that the communication gets transferred properly to build their sites.

What is a project you’ve managed recently that you’re especially proud of?

The custom website redesign we did for All-South Subcontractors, Inc., for sure! I’m really proud of the finished product, and they were just a really wonderful client to work with.

What made them a great client?

They were really excited about the project, and so they really took on an involved, collaborative role in the process. They were also great at adopting Southern Web’s processes and clearly communicating their needs and wants with our team. When you’re on the same page and working together toward a common goal — that’s a sign of a great business relationship. Their trust in us really ensured the success of the project.

What advice do you have for project managers or people looking to break into this type of work?

I have two main pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t be afraid of implementing a process that works for you. Some project managers just use the process that’s given to them. Use it, but make sure it works for you and adapt it to the way that you can work efficiently.
  2. No two clients are the same. For me, learning how to anticipate the needs of each individual client gives me the drive to keep on going at it.

Being a project manager can be stressful at times. What do you to unwind and de-stress?

I have a toddler, so it can sometimes be a challenge to completely unwind! But spending time with my family in itself is a great de-stresser. We also have a pretty great work-life balance at Southern Web, so I can take the time I need to recharge and be there for family when I need to. We have work-from-home days, which are efficient because you get to just wake up and start working and get things done quickly. I also have a few activities I like to do to destress on my own. I do Crossfit, and that’s pretty much my outlet. I also have some crafting hobbies, like making shirts using my Cricut machine.

Which would you choose: Invisibility, Flight or Telepathy?

Telepathy! When you’re working with clients, reading minds could probably save a lot of time.

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