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How High is Your Site Ranking?

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.”

– Unknown

A solid SEO campaign can improve your company’s digital presence, drive website traffic, and promote lead generation. Of course, not all SEO strategies are created equal. Too often, potential new clients come to us saying they are paying a monthly SEO bill from another digital marketing agency or marketing company, yet have no idea what they’re even getting out of it. At Southern Web, our goal is to demystify the world of SEO. As the best Atlanta SEO company, we make it our mission to foster continued success in search engine rankings as well as provide business owners with valuable ROI data that clearly demonstrates that success.

But wait — what exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing a website’s content to rank for certain keywords on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is a long-term process that requires a custom strategy that is uniquely tailored to your business. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to SEO, as every business’ industry is different and each campaign requires a different strategy.

Why Southern Web is Atlanta’s Best SEO Company

Southern Web devises tailored SEO strategies with a proven track record that are designed to drive search engine traffic to your website, generate high-value leads for your business, and provide your site visitors with an excellent user experience. Our SEO strategies are devised and implemented by our team of dedicated Google-certified SEO account managers. These Atlanta SEO experts take the mystery out of your SEO campaign with one-on-one consultations and ongoing quarterly strategic planning designed with your overarching digital marketing and business needs in mind. Our SEO team uses only holistic, white hat SEO methods — so you can feel confident that your SEO efforts will stand the test of time and continue to benefit your businesses internet marketing efforts for years to come.

To help you track your campaign success and demonstrate your quarterly return on investment, we provide meaningful SEO reporting and call tracking services. Measuring the ongoing efficacy of your SEO efforts in this way empowers you to make informed decisions about the future of not only your SEO strategy but your conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy, as well.

The cherry on the top? As a full-service digital agency, our SEO account managers can easily call upon Southern Web’s in-house team of expert WordPress developers and technical support staff to implement more advanced SEO recommendations and solutions. No SEO puzzle is too challenging or lofty for our team to tackle.

It doesn’t matter if you are a large organization or small business, if you’re currently shopping around for an Atlanta SEO agency, don’t miss our blog post on 7 questions to ask when hiring an SEO company. Continue below to learn more about the specific services we provide or contact us today to get the ball rolling on your new SEO strategy.

Atlanta SEO Services We Offer

Free SEO Audit

We offer a complimentary SEO audit to all new customers. This free SEO service provides a baseline view of your current SEO efforts (even if they’re currently non-existent). Once we have the “lay of the land” and understand your overall goals and desired KPIs, we can put together an aggressive game plan to get you to your first finishing line (and beyond). Claim your free SEO audit today.

Dedicated Digital Account Manager

From paid campaigns to local optimization, your dedicated account manager knows you and your business. Your quarterly SEO recommendations are developed by your digital account manager, who takes special care to tailor your SEO services to your unique goals.

Analytics Reporting

When you know what works and what doesn’t, you can feel confident about what direction to move toward in the future. Our quarterly SEO reports allow you to make smart, data-driven decisions about your digital marketing strategy.

On-Page SEO

If technical issues with your site are plaguing your performance, our Atlanta SEO experts will advise how to resolve them with our on-page SEO tactics. Whether it’s adding SEO-optimized alt image tags or identifying and correcting broken links, we make sure your site functions with SEO best practices in mind. Should a more technical SEO recommendation present itself, we can call upon our in-house team of developers to implement a solution.

Off-Page SEO

You’re a leader in your industry — but does Google know that? One way we help your site rank higher in search engines is with our strategic off-page SEO services. How do we accomplish this? By using high-quality keyword research, link building (both internal linking and backlinks), and social signals to enhance your authority in your industry and field.

Mobile SEO

Did you know that the vast majority of search engine traffic comes from mobile devices? That’s why it’s more critical than ever to optimize your presence for these on-the-go users. We can take care of basic on-page mobile issues, and we also have a team of developers who can fix any technical compatibility issues that may be holding your website back.

Local SEO

With our local SEO services, we can boost your success on local searches to ensure you stand out to your target audience nearby. This is especially critical for brick-and-mortar businesses that rely on Google and Yelp business listings. Our SEO recommendations for local businesses typically involve a combination of the following services: Listing optimization, listing suppression, online reputation management, hyperlocal content customization, and mobile optimization. Learn more about the in’s and out’s of local optimization.

Online Review Monitoring

More customers than ever are relying on what they read about businesses in user-submitted online review platforms like Yelp and Google. Monitoring your online reputation on these channels allows you to gain insight from customer feedback. It also provides a golden opportunity to connect with your customers by responding to the feedback and can play a pivotal part in your search engine marketing efforts. Learn more about responding to positive and negative online reviews.

SEO Content Creation

Yes, content marketing is still king in the world of competing for an online presence. Engaging, high-quality SEO content is the bread and butter of attracting higher search engine traffic to your site and asserting your authority as a subject matter expert in your industry or field. That’s why we devise cutting-edge SEO content strategies as part of our marketing services that leverage a wide range of content types, including blog posts, FAQs, white papers, infographics, videos, supplementary page content, and other specialty content.

Social Media Promotion

Great SEO content doesn’t just help you with your organic search rankings on the search engine results pages — it can also be used to increase engagement across your organization’s social media platforms boosting your overall social media presence as a whole. If you’re short on time or resources, our strategists can handle social media promotion of any of the SEO content we produce for you.

Call Tracking

Wondering what part of your SEO efforts are producing the most leads for your business? Wishing you could see the concrete ROI on the SEO services you’re paying for every month? Call tracking can reveal which campaigns, websites and search keywords are driving phone call conversions.

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