Email Lead Generation

Get your sales team in front of your ideal customers with Southern Web’s B2B email lead generation services.

Phone screen showing email inbox full of replies from prospectsIncrease the number of high-quality B2B leads to your sales team.

It’s time to get serious about generating new leads and booking sales meetings. You can’t just sit around waiting and hoping for the perfect client to come to you. You have to go and find them.

Businesses that nurture their leads see a 20% average increase in sales.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have the resources, time, or experience to run their own lead generation campaigns.

That’s why it pays to partner with Southern Web. As part of our email lead generation services, we build a high-quality sales target list for you, craft engaging email sequences that get replies, and deliver new business relationships directly to your inbox.

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We dig deep to find the highest quality prospects so you can focus on closing sales.


Target the right prospects

When it comes to booking sales meetings, finding high-quality prospects is half the battle. You need to target the right people and approach them the right way, to stand any chance of booking more sales meetings.

We don’t want you wasting your time chasing the wrong prospects, which is why our prospectors conduct highly targeted prospect research to ensure that we are delivering a list with only the most relevant and fresh contacts. We like to call it “YES list” because we want you to go “Yes, yes, and yes. I want all of these people in the list as clients!”


Bring warmth to cold emails

We’ve all received a bunch of really awkward, terribly written cold emails before (“Dear Sir/Madam, we offer you best price on software development services.”), but the fact is that cold emails don’t always have to be so … cold.

Our copywriters have mastered the art of writing warm, engaging copy for email campaigns, and we have a number of different email formulas and sequences we’ve built and tested that continue to deliver successful results for ourselves and our clients.


Simplify with automated follow-ups

Sales professionals never have the time to do the most critical step in the sales process — following up.

To avoid hounding prospects with emails every single day, each sequence in your email campaign is sent out at a predetermined time frame. The goal is to give your prospects some breathing room to think about your email, while also not completely forgetting about you either. Timing and consistently are two of the most important factors when it comes to booking sales meetings.

User Experience

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM

As much as you might like to use your email inbox as a to-do list, a little redundancy never hurt anyone. If a prospect responds to your email and you’ve started an email conversation with them, having a CRM in place to track your leads prevents any potential sales from inadvertently falling through the cracks.

We can automatically import all positive replies as leads into your CRM system of choice — Pipedrive,, HubSpot, Copper, Trello, Google Sheets, you name it.


Optimize for continuous success

We continuously monitor email replies, adjust subject lines, test different messaging, and generally do everything we can to increase the number of positive replies to you. We’ll also carry on generating more prospects, optimizing, and sending emails each week and you’ll carry on having a steady stream of new business prospects to set up calls and meetings with.



You can’t argue with results.

Case studies and kind words from our clients about the work we do are great, but there’s nothing quite as powerful as seeing the actual results.

Here are real email replies from prospects we delivered to our customers:

Positive email reply from a real prospect that says "Hi Adam, I'm available to meet with you on Tuesday 1 October at 9am. Regards."

Positive email reply from a real prospect that says "Good afternoon, [...] I have spoken to a couple of my colleagues and the result of that was that we are aware of your business and have worked with you in the past. We think it would be a good idea for you to reintroduce your business to us."

Positive email reply from a real prospect that says "Hi Adam, I work with [NAME], responsible for strategy and new initiatives for marketing here at [COMPANY NAME]. Can we get on a call — would be keen to hear more about what you offer?"


Ready to power up your sales?

Our email lead generation services get your name, your brand, and your services in front of your ideal clients.