Social Media Promotion

Social media replaces nothing but complements everything.

– Neil Schaffer

It’s time to get serious about social media promotion

These days, a social media strategy is critical to the success of your overall digital marketing plan. If you feel like you are not leveraging your social media presence as much you would like, we can help out with our social media promotion services.

While most aspects of social media management can be more effectively handled in-house, Southern Web can alleviate some of the work by developing and managing your content promotion calendar for social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Whether it’s promoting your original content or curating relevant third-party content, you should never miss an opportunity to engage your audience.

Our social media promotion services

Onboarding & research

We kick off your social media promotion services with a thorough onboarding process that includes asset gathering, goal-setting, and establishing conversion opportunities. We also work with you to identify reliable industry sources with content that may be used for third-party curation purposes.

Social media management

We develop and manage your social media promotion calendar with a pre-approved queue of posts featuring original and/or third-party content.

Content creation

Is your website or blog lacking fresh content? We can help you develop original content pieces that can be promoted on your social media channels.

Third-party content curation

We identify relevant third-party content to promote on your social media channels to supplement the promotion of your original content and increase user engagement.

Ongoing consultation & reporting

We provide guidance and recommendations through scheduled monthly discussions and reports. Doing this allows you to track your return on investment and make data-driven decisions about the future direction of your social media promotion services.

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