WordPress Developer

Open Position: WordPress Developer

Front-End Developers at Southern Web work each day on a variety of client websites doing everything from update management and quality assurance testing to new feature development and implementation. Most projects last days or weeks, but rarely months. And some projects start and finish on the same day.

Developers on our team will work directly with our Support team and Project Managers to deliver value to our clients through iterative client site improvements including everything from custom plugin development and performance optimization, to theme enhancements, mobile optimization, and accessibility.

Developers on the Southern Web team also have a knack for being able to scope accurately and ask smart questions with regard to WordPress development so we can help clients avoid future pitfalls while still executing on their business goals in the most efficient way possible. We love having Developers on our team who can present multiple solutions with one clear recommendation.

Adaptability is another key trait of Developers at Southern Web. The rest of our team works very hard to protect the focus time of our Developers, but there may be situations when Developers are asked to move to another task or project unexpectedly to help with a high priority bug or issue. Again, it’s a goal of our whole team to prevent these types of switches, but they do happen occasionally.

This is a role for someone who enjoys problem-solving and gets real satisfaction from work that creates momentum every day.

This job is unique because of the sheer scale of clients you’ll be working with. We manage a large portfolio of clients from brand new web entrepreneurs to companies doing tens of millions in revenue online.

This presents unique opportunities for solving problems at scale. When developers on our team begin to identify patterns for issues that plague our client base, we look for wide-coverage solutions that can benefit all of them.

Your work certainly won’t be limited to one-off projects every day. Along with the problem-solving at scale, we also have a number of internal projects led by our Digital Marketing and Operations that give way to implement new technologies and build new exciting features to continue growth and streamline automation that makes business processes more efficient.

This is a remote position as Southern Web is a fully-distributed team. Applicants are expected to work from 9 am – 5 pm ET.

Compensation will be determined based on skill level and experience.

You can review our strong benefits package on our careers page


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