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What Directories Does Yext Submit Your PowerListings To?

Yext is a great local citation engine that has formed partnerships with some of the best local directory websites across the Internet. Their platform allows you to seamlessly submit business information across all of these different websites with one click of a button. Other features, like review monitoring, help to keep business on top of maintaining and improving their online presence.

Take a look at the 61 websites in which Yext is currently submitting your business information:

  1. 2findlocal
  2. A simple directory-submission website based out of New York City. They allow free manual submissions. This is more of a raw directory with a very basic design and interface.

  3. 411
  4. Started in 1998 by WhitePages, this website allows you to find anyone in the country, even businesses.

  5. 8coupons
  6. 8coupons is a discovery engine that helps you find the best deals for things to do in your area. They partner with some of the big coupon websites like Groupon to connect its users with the best bargains.

  7. ABLocal
  8. ABLocal is a local search engine that breaks down businesses by top US cities and allows you to make general searches like “pizza in Atlanta.”

  9. AirYell
  10. AirYell by Avantar Local is an app that is available in the App Store. It has a great interface and allows you to get great promotions and discounts from businesses near you.

  11. AmericanTowns
  12. AmericanTowns positions itself as a virtual “town square” that allows you to retrieve all sorts of information like community events, local business information and even town issues.

  13. Apple
  14. Yext partners with Apple Maps Connect to display your business information within the Apple Maps app on your iPhone.

  15. Avantar
  16. Avantar focuses on local mobile search and connects publishers and advertisers so they can mutually benefit from each other. They claim you’ll only pay for results.

  17. Bing
  18. We all know who Bing is – they have their own local directory for businesses.

  20. This website allows small business to grow by providing them ways to promote themselves using their different tools and features.

  21. Citybot
  22. CityBot is a personal travel guide that allows you to create itineraries for cities you may be visiting. It is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

  23. CityMaps
  24. CityMaps allows your to build your own maps that contains your favorite place to go. It even can connect with Facebook so you can collaborate with friends and make maps together.

  25. Citysearch
  26. The main premise of CitySearch is to find new things to do but to recommend the places you try. The more you recommend and give opinions, the more rewards you’ll receive for local establishments.

  27. CitySquares
  28. A very simple directory – find local business and leave reviews.

  29. CoPilot
  30. CoPilot is a mobile GPS app that is available across all major app stores. They offer car, truck and enterprise solutions.

  31. Credibility Review
  32. Powered by Dun & Bradstreet, Credibility Review is a business credit monitoring solution that helps to improve your presence online and determine creditworthiness for those you do business with.

  34. has one of the better user experiences and allows you to search for businesses within their massive directory.

  35. Cylex
  36. Cylex is an international business directory whose main focus is in Europe, but the US is also included.

  37. DexKnows
  38. DexKnows is another all-in-one local directory website that connects it’s users with local businesses. It also allows for reviews, driving directions and special offers.

  39. eLocal
  40. eLocal is another great directory that tries to separate themselves by really segmenting by industry categories.

  41. EZlocal
  42. EZLocal has a large database of business listings and takes it a step further by offering it’s clients additional services like web design and digital marketing.

  43. Facebook
  44. Zuckerberg charters a plane to display your business information on a banner flying behind it. Kidding.

  45. Factual
  46. Fatual is a mobile advertising solution that prides itself on collecting data, cleaning it up and serving it in a way that is much more useful to its clients.

  47. Foursquare
  48. Foursquare is a “check-in” app that provides real-time location sharing with your friends. You can even earn rewards from local businesses for checking in so many times.

  49. GetFave
  50. GetFace is another aggregator of local deals, promotions and events in your area. Very simple and clean user experience.

  51. GoLocal247
  52. This is a standard local business directory that connects buyers and sellers with coupons and enhanced business information.

  53. Google+
  54. Oh, how we all love Google+. If you don’t know, this local citation is one of the most important on this list.

  55. iBegin
  56. iBegin provides business listings for New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the United States.

  57. iGlobal
  58. iGlobal claims to be the most complete and updated business directory in Latin America. You might want to consider translating your business information for this website.

  59. Insider Pages
  60. Insider Pages really focuses on recommendations from it’s users. They focus on all types of businesses but put a lot of emphasis into doctors.

  62. This is one of the oldest local directories that connects consumers with local businesses.

  63. LocalDatabase
  64. LocalDatabase was formed by a couple of friends who leverage social input to provide feedback on local businesses.

  65. LocalPages
  66. LocalPages is really meant for businesses to advertise to local consumers. Users can utilize coupons that the local businesses advertise.

  67. MapQuest
  68. MapQuest was the one of the first driving direction websites. Getting included in their directory ensures people can easily get directions to your place of business.

  69. MerchantCircle
  70. MerchantCircle is a great local website as businesses can provide quotes to consumers. Users can also ask for advice from industry experts.

  71. MojoPages
  72. MojoPages allows you to search for trending businesses, discover new places and share your favorites.

  73. My Local Services
  74. This is a straight-forward, USA directory that also includes a forum for users to discuss their experiences.

  75. n49
  76. n49 has a very simple user experience and relies on reviews to give its users more insight.

  77. Navmii
  78. Navmii is a mobile app that provides smart driving directions. With over 47 millions users, this is a great place to have your business listed.

  79. Nokia
  80. Here is a Nokia company that builds intelligent maps to connect its consumers, automotive and enterprise customers.

  81. Opendi
  82. This website has business listings across numerous countries and has approximately 9 million users per month.

  83. Pointcom
  84. Pointcom reviews top websites, mobile sites, startups and apps to let users know where to spend time online and where find the information they’re looking for.

  85. ShowMeLocal
  86. Based in NYC, ShowMeLocal gives business the tools to promote themselves and users to learn more about local businesses.

  87. Superpages
  88. Superpages is one of the top local citation websites and even offers advertisers pay per click and web hosting services.

  89. Switchboard
  90. Switchboard is a Whitepages company that not only allows you to search for businesses, but individuals as well.

  91. Telenav
  92. Telenav’s main product is an app for driving directions but they focus on helping people make smarter decisions about where to go, what to do, when to leave and how to get there.

  93. TomTom
  94. Everyone has had a TomTom at some point. This is a GPS product for cars that allows you to easily search for local businesses while on the go.

  95. Topix
  96. Topix is one of the leading news communities online that connects it users to the information and discussions pertaining to their city or town.

  97. Tupalo
  98. Tupalo is your personal journal and activity planner that allows you to create lists of your favorite spots and places you want to go.

  100. This is a basic directory showing users what places are popular in different industries.

  101. VotefortheBest
  102. VoteForTheBest was founded based on the frustration with other review websites that were biased towards major cities and left out the smaller towns. It simply allows you to find the best places to go based on reviews of others.

  103. Where To?
  104. Where To? is a mobile app with a fantastic interface that helps you find the best places to eat, shop, drink – you name it.

  105. White & Yellow Pages
  106. One of the oldest and leading local solutions provider, you can access a plethora of information for individuals and businesses.

  107. WhitePages
  108. Whitepages, Yellowpages – I think we are beginning to beat a dead horse here.

  109. Yahoo!
  110. Yahoo! has their own local directory for businesses. Nothing too crazy here.

  111. YaSabe
  112. YaSabe is a directory for Latinos that keeps it’s users up-to-date and gives them the ability to confidently choose where to spend their money.

  113. Yellowise
  114. Yellowise is about is straightforward as they come when it comes to local directories. Find a plumber.

  115. YellowMoxie
  116. Aside from listing business information, YellowMoxie provides coupon downloads and you can even shop popular products.

  117. YellowPageCity
  118. YellowPageCity is the official online network for local Yellow Pages.

  119. YellowPagesGoesGreen
  120. This is Yellow Pages initiative to help local cities and government crack down on unnecessary waste and deliver phone books to only those who request them.

  121. Yelp
  122. Yelp is one of the leading online review websites. If you aren’t listed on Yelp, you’re wrong.

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December 7, 2016