Custom Web Development

Professional and endlessly customizable

After many years in the web development industry, our team has learned a lot about the most efficient ways to create large-scale custom websites. Our bespoke web design and development services are designed for clients that require comprehensive, individualized attention to meet and exceed their digital goals. Here’s a look at all the steps we take to create a stunning, custom website from scratch:

Our process

Discovery & Asset Collection

The first step of any great working relationship is getting to know each other. We want to learn more about your organization and find out what makes you passionate about the work you do. During this pre-production phase, we work together to clarify your goals, compile a list of required assets and establish a project timeline.

Content Strategy

Together, we’ll work to create a sitemap, a document that will list all the pages of your site, the visual hierarchy of those pages, and which template will be applied to that page. We’ll uncover what content will be needed, who will deliver those assets and when they will be due.


Once all of the content is completed, we begin work on what we call the “blueprints,” or wireframes, of your website. The purpose of this pre-design step is to provide a simplified sketch of the website that lays out the placement of the content as well as the overall functionality and behavior of each template. Templates are reusable design frameworks that are applied to your website based on the goals and objectives of a given page.


Design is one of the most exciting phases in the process, but it takes careful execution. All too often, digital agencies rush straight into design, which can cause user experience to suffer. However, thanks to our methodical pre-production work, we are well-positioned to design each page with your specific ideas and goals in mind. Using the approved blueprints and the design inspiration you provide, our in-house designer works with you to turn your aesthetic vision into reality. The subsequent revision round allows you a hands-on opportunity to further refine your website’s look and feel.


With the content, wireframes and design elements all in place, our skilled team of developers can now begin the building phase. We hold our work to the highest of standards through our stringent quality assurance and peer review process, which features 50 post-build and usability checkpoints. This ensures that your website is accurate, compliant with web standards and accessible on multiple devices and browsers.


After undergoing an internal review, a testing process and your revisions, your website is now officially ready to launch! Once the site is live, we equip you with all the tools and resources you need to easily update and manage the website on your own — from setting up Google Analytics to guiding you through the ins and outs of WordPress in one of our regular training seminars.


Your website is now out there for all to enjoy, but it doesn’t stop there. Solidifying your digital presence requires ongoing digital marketing efforts. From search engine optimization to online advertising, our digital marketing team can make sure you get the most out of your investment.

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