Google Apps Management

Communication, organization, efficiency and strong customer relationships help a business to grow. Google Apps for Business creates a focal point for companies that gives control to manage their business communications with more success. The tools Google offers deliver high-level business solutions for customers and provides access through mobile or desktop web browsers, allowing businesses to operate anywhere. Here is a snapshot of what these tools can do.

Better Communication

Gmail is a powerful communication hub designed for businesses. It makes email available to both employees and executives and offers plenty of storage. Gmail uses built-in tools, like text, voice, video chat and contact profiles, to bring the business directly in touch with their customers. Gmail’s services engage customers with multi-level interaction and provide teams with a way to connect in the field without slowing down business.

Better Time Management

Google’s calendar application makes scheduling much easier. It helps businesses stay organized and on target. Organizing team meetings are a breeze with Calendar’s smart scheduling feature, which picks the best times for teams to meet. Companies can also post event calendars to company websites and create appointment logs for customers to use. Google Calendar manages projects for companies efficiently and keeps everyone on track.

Integrated Productivity Suite

Google Drive increases business productivity and provides access to important files and data anywhere on the web. Drive localizes files for easy team collaborations, making projects run fast and smooth, and expands as the business grows. It does this using a suite of business programs called Docs, Sheets and Slides.

  • Docs allows companies to create fully functional documents that include images, tables, equations, drawings, links and more.
  • Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet editor that uses advanced formulas to handle the company’s important data.
  • Slides gives businesses the power to create and publish beautiful full featured presentations to be shared with customers or project team members.

Complete Business Protection

Google Vault archives company data and records in a simple way that is safe, reliable and secure. With Vault, companies can protect vital legal information, can pull important audit information quickly, and can define their own retention policies for key documents. Vault’s encrypted servers provide companies with built-in data recovery and sharing controls to provide a high-level of security.

Companies who need a complete business solution should consider Google Apps for Business. It offers a number of secure web tools that streamline communications, manages time, and creates custom projects. Having a business tool that handles everything makes managing a company just a little bit easier.

November 3, 2013