Google Analytics Consulting

When making key decisions for your business, it’s vital to ensure that you’re basing them on accurate and actionable data.

Google Analytics is a web-based tool that measures how users interact with your website. It’s by far the most widely used statistical service of its kind, and integral to online success in today’s commercial market. Southern Web Group offers long-term consultations that generate meaningful statistics about your site’s traffic sources, traffic routes, conversion rates, and more.

Whether you need to boost traffic, increase conversions, improve the user-friendliness of your interface – or all of the above – a focused analytics campaign is a crucial step in optimizing performance and supporting growth.

 Our 3-Step SEO Process

    1. Create a Detailed Plan
      Effective analytics begins with determining what exactly we need to measure, and how we’ll be doing so.We’ll start by working closely with you to identify your company’s main objectives, your exact target audience, and what makes you unique. Next, by carefully selecting key performance indicators (KPIs), we’ll develop a methodology to reliably track the most important factors for your business.With that knowledge in hand, it’s time to design the campaign. An understanding of the audience allows us to research their actual online behavior and create an optimized strategy to best serve their greatest needs.
    2. Implement That Plan
      Implementing an analytics campaign is a multi-tiered task. A few of the services required may include:

      This process goes beyond simply “setting and forgetting” – it’s critical to analyze and improve on a long-term basis.

    3. Maintain and Redefine
      Successful analytics requires observation of the plan in action, and informed fine-tuning. It’s rare for a campaign to show meaningful results in the short term, but with some careful refinement the outcome can be quite impressive.It often takes weeks and months before the effects become apparent. That’s why we track results and provide quarterly reports to our clients.Analytics is a cyclical process, and as we learn more about how the strategy is faring, we can revisit the first two steps to tweak the details.

Offline Campaigns

Are you running print ads in a magazine or sending out direct mail to prospects?  You’ve probably been doing this for a while and haven’t been able to effectively track the return on that investment.  We can help:

  • Custom URL Tracking

    We can implement unique URL tracking on your print materials so that, when someone visits that link, we can pass the data to Google Analytics and track what these users do throughout the website.  We can also track whether or not they contact you.

  • Call Tracking

    We can implement custom tracking numbers on your print material that will forward the call to your regular phone number.  We then record these phone calls so you can help your sales team perform better on these calls.  You will also know exactly how many people are calling from your print material and effectively gauge it’s performance.

November 11, 2015