eCommerce Web Design

Southern Web Group builds professional eCommerce websites that make it easy for your customers to purchase the products they need. Our team will work with you to discuss your business and products. They will then create a custom eCommerce solution that meets your needs and works well for your particular product lines.

We know what it takes to create an intuitive eCommerce experience for your customers, and we are experienced in how to build websites that quickly convert visitors to paying customers. We know how consumers think, and we use this knowledge to help our clients.

Our developers employ the latest web and eCommerce standards to create dynamic design and functionality that will make an excellent first impression and make the shopping process as simple as possible for your customers. We are experts with web standards, eCommerce trends and technology and integrating client requirements into impactful design.

The Design Process

The first step in the eCommerce design process is market research. We will examine what your competitors are doing. We will also review current market trends to determine the specific functions that your eCommerce site must have. By doing this careful research before starting project development, we can find out who is doing it right and how they are doing it.

After this analysis, we will discuss your products and requirements. Our team will then work together to develop your eCommerce system. We will perform complete system testing to ensure that the site functions properly and that your customers will be able to find easily and purchase your products.

Our developers often build upon our preferred framework for your eCommerce, WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a shopping cart system that allows for advanced customization, extensibility and has a broad and active developer community. This system makes it possible for our developers to build your site around your needs and not the limitations of the shopping cart.

Once the back-end framework is in place, our designers begin to craft a website build on the principle of responsive design. Our design team understands the importance of branding and will work within your business branding guidelines to ensure that your site is an extension of your marketing efforts.

The Benefits

When you make the decision to trust your eCommerce project to the professional development and design experts at Southern Web Group, you can rest assured that we are working hard to meet your needs and those of your customers.

We provide eCommerce solutions that convert visitors to clients, sell products and keep customers coming back as a result of a seamless and hassle-free online shopping experience.

Our web team understands the ever-changing world of eCommerce, and we stay current with the latest technological developments in web design and eCommerce. Our experience enables us to provide you with the best possible eCommerce website.

August 12, 2016