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Streamline your online consignment store with our Traxia SimpleConsign integration for WooCommerce.

Consignment ecommerce management, simplified.

When a customer buys an item through your online store, your inventory is automatically updated in SimpleConsign.

With inventory moving in and out of your consignment store on a daily basis, there’s a lot of moving parts to keep tabs on. Throw into the mix a website that you’re expected to keep equally up to date, and things can start to get messy. Luckily, by integrating Traxia’s SimpleConsign POS software with the WooCommerce platform, you can seamlessly manage and promote your store’s inventory from a single, centralized place — your WordPress website. This automated integration helps you reach more customers — both locally and globally — and increase your online sales without lifting a finger.

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Automatic inventory updates

When a customer buys an item through your online store, your inventory is automatically updated in SimpleConsign.

Mobile-friendly responsive themes

Enjoy a countless variety of WordPress themes to choose from for your digital storefront. Interested in something a bit more bespoke? We also offer custom web design options.

Extending your reach with social media promotion

When selling your products online, why stop at just your online store? With this integration, you can also set up a shopping experience directly on your business Facebook page. When users find something they want to buy, they are directed to your website to check out.

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